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Happy Anniversary N*E*R*D “In search of…”

​Honorable mention: 16 years ago..I was working a day gig while interning and moonlighting for 3 plus different labels (sorry My artful skill of negotiating allowed me to convince the company head of my day gig to allow me full clearance to leave my job early (two days a week)while having the other foot in what would eventually become classic releases. I felt very strong about the promise in this album and was always partial to the European mix. I have the last limited instrumental vinyl somewhere in my arsenal. I was very honored to be part of the ground work in this iconic release. Happy 16th Anniversary of the N*E*R*D release “In Search Of..”!! #nerd #classics #theneptunes #djaski #unique74

Unique74 #NP NERD – Improvised Jam

“dont you know that everybody here’s a star..”

Pharrell’s Words Of Wisdom

Having had the great opportunity to watch this cat grow from the beginning when I was an intern working at Virgin-EMI, it is no surprise to see the rise. Inspiration Focus!! I “seen’t” it sun!!!  Check my man’s words..embrace the dream makers not the dream breakers!!