Stayin’ Fit 11.14

No excuses. Haven’t set foot in a gym since March. Even though they’ve opened up..I just can’t picture myself masked up on a bench press. Invested in my own weights and workout accessories. Invest in yourselves..nobody gonna hold your hand out here. Get Yours and it won’t stop.. #immunityboost #freeagentlifestyle #fitness #vegan #Unique74

New Music: “Afro-LaTeena” -The Trilaterals

Beyond blessed to have the sounds of The Trilaterals in my 45 stash!! “Afro-LaTeena” is available in stores and outlets now!! #AfroLaTeena #TheTrilaterals #TeenaMarie #TheTeflonDons #Unique74

The last days of The Roosevelt Hotel (NYC)

Summer Throwback last year: Wowww..I can’t believe the iconic Roosevelt Hotel is closing it’s doors. I stayed there last Summer during the filming of my “Introspection” documentary. View from the 10th floor on a Saturday morning before heading out to record hunt..I had no idea the legendary Record Convention went down in that very building!! I remember security and enforcement was deep in the spot due to many dignitaries that occupied the space or top official business nearby. I have a feeling deep pocket real estate investors are going to purchase and flip it. Best wishes in new horizons to everyone that provided years of quality service and a comfortable stay. Music: “2 A.M. Suite (Night Chances)” by A-SKI now available #bandcamp and other fine digital outlets.. #roosevelthotelnyc #musicmonday #djaski #Unique74

Unique74 Presents: “Introspection” Behind The Scenes Documentary

This two part doc details the making of my latest release “Introspection” which takes place in LA and NY during the mixing phase of the release. The concept is the brainchild of Director Da’shon Is, Fuse Green and Darius Nathaniel. A special shout out to the #FunkySole Family!!

Unique74 Remembers..Ronald Bell (Kool and The Gang)

Heroes are forever. A major standing ovation of gratitude and infinite love to Mr Khalis Bayyan aka Ronald Bell 🎷(top right corner)..Thank You for setting the bar extremely high and raising the vibrations in the Universal Sound. Forever grateful. Fly Peacefully. Wishing infinite love and condolences to Kool and The Gang…family and dear friends.. 🙏

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