Immunity Boost 1.22

Took a moment to share my personal Aromatherapy and wellness items to help you stay on point during this pandemic. Immunity Boost is vital in addition to staying in shape. I also feature a brief workout clip with my dumbbells. Many of the gyms have reopened with safety measures. However, there is exchange of sweat and sharing equipment. For me, no gym is safe enough to take risk at this time. Once there is normalcy and a major decrease in cases; I will be more reluctant to returning. In the meantime, I’ve invested in my own equipment and do my daily cardio run. There is a brief clip following of me at my old gym. I miss the staff and crew. Enjoy, stay safe, healthy and blessed. Let’s embark on an amazing and prosperous year.

Ski Plays It Cool Top 10 (Dec 2020)

Relaunched: Ski Plays It Cool Top 10 Monthly Playlist #bandcamp #soundcloud #itunes #applemusic #Unique74 📷 #cochoaphotography

New episode of #forlifeabc TONIGHT …. #Repost #forlifeabc 10/9 Central

New episode of #forlifeabc TONIGHT …. #Repost #forlifeabc
Friendship looks like using every possible chance to bring Jamal home. #ForLife is all-new TONIGHT!

Stayin’ Fit 11.14

No excuses. Haven’t set foot in a gym since March. Even though they’ve opened up..I just can’t picture myself masked up on a bench press. Invested in my own weights and workout accessories. Invest in yourselves..nobody gonna hold your hand out here. Get Yours and it won’t stop.. #immunityboost #freeagentlifestyle #fitness #vegan #Unique74

New Music: “Afro-LaTeena” -The Trilaterals

Beyond blessed to have the sounds of The Trilaterals in my 45 stash!! “Afro-LaTeena” is available in stores and outlets now!! #AfroLaTeena #TheTrilaterals #TeenaMarie #TheTeflonDons #Unique74

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