Stayin’ Fit 11.14

No excuses. Haven’t set foot in a gym since March. Even though they’ve opened up..I just can’t picture myself masked up on a bench press. Invested in my own weights and workout accessories. Invest in yourselves..nobody gonna hold your hand out here. Get Yours and it won’t stop.. #immunityboost #freeagentlifestyle #fitness #vegan #Unique74

The last days of The Roosevelt Hotel (NYC)

Summer Throwback last year: Wowww..I can’t believe the iconic Roosevelt Hotel is closing it’s doors. I stayed there last Summer during the filming of my “Introspection” documentary. View from the 10th floor on a Saturday morning before heading out to record hunt..I had no idea the legendary Record Convention went down in that very building!!Continue reading “The last days of The Roosevelt Hotel (NYC)”