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Dinner Flow 2.3

Slept in all weekend to recharge for another busy week..Red Butter Lettuce and assorted fruit..#dinnerflow #fitness #eatyourmedicine #vitality #vegan #agingbackwards #unique74

Birthday in a few days..oh yeah

This is what 45 looks like in a few days shake..get with the program or get outta the way..ya dig.. #teamaquarius #fitness #vegan #djlife #nosupplements #eatingclean #unique74


Events: Spinning Tonight @ TheVirgil w/ Jared Faber + Friends!!!

TONIGHT #thevirgilbar

!! 8pm sharp!! Live Performances + Special Guest!! Yours truly in the mix!!

Cheers to more gains in 2019!!

One of the major highlights this year is still keeping the discipline to stay fit. In addition to lifting heavier in reps. Pic on the Left (2017) Right (2018). Never gonna see me put myself second or fall off..never that. Consistency is the key. #fitness #vegan #nosoy #djaski #unique74

The Perception Project Event Update!!

Great news from our friends @modernmaletv @theperceptionproject It was beyond an honor in playing for such a groundbreaking event!! Bravo!! Note: Hey! That tall dude by the artwork happens to be me! 👍

On the job..7.8

Saturday night’s recap at the office with Hip Hop Royalty @therealdougefresh!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Classic moments!! #djaski #djlife #derekmckeith #dougefresh #events #unique74 Repost @derekmckeith

Theo Parrish..LA..7.8

The big homie and Master Teacher Theo Parrish stompin’ em’ into the wee hours on a Saturday morning..I only step out of my house for the TRUTH..not a laptop in sight. He always comes with a top shelf set while stepping outside of the box and eliminating it altogether.


Morning warm up replay 12/5

I’ve been aggressively gaining progress in lifting heavier this year..90lbs -110lbs arm curls. Haven’t been doing a lot of holiday eating or drinking. A culmination of this week’s morning sessions. #fitness #beats #djlife #unique74

My first and only true love…Music

Long before I touched a sampler or a turntable..I touched keys as a kid. A bit rusty but the soul is within. Never learned to read..

but im always.. hearing something in my head..