Two old friends conspire to drop a fresh set one time for your mind. Come along on a fantastic voyage from jazz to funk to disco fusion… If you haven’t caught on to SOUL IN THE PARK yet, now’s a good time to take a stroll. SOUL IN THE PARK – WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22 –Continue reading “SOUL IN THE PARK | Mona Lisa | A-Ski | LA | ONE NITE ONLY”

Dj A-Ski tracks featured on Push The Fader Radio (Giant Step Jukebox)

A massive shout out to Dj Center, Push The Fader and Giant Step Radio for highlighting one of my tracks from my upcoming release (which should be dropping very soon, wrapping everything up as we speak). Check out the show it features many more great artists throughout and much more hotness! In the words ofContinue reading “Dj A-Ski tracks featured on Push The Fader Radio (Giant Step Jukebox)”

A Taste of Chicago- Pt 2 | Thursday Nite | LA

Thursday Nite LA…My peoples is at it again..Pt2..These are some truly solid cats throwing a really great party..please support! No frills..I promise u! Peace, Dj A-Ski

04.26.09 5th Street HOUSEQUAKE @ ZANZIBAR | Session#2

ROUND 2! From the creative minds of DMOCARMELBACON comes LA’s newest creative musical Jamfest.. 5th St. Housequake! Sprinkle in some Soul, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and Broken Beats add a dash of LA’s bangin’ new house band, FAULTLINE, and top it off with DJ A-Ski and you have a recipe for some next levelContinue reading “04.26.09 5th Street HOUSEQUAKE @ ZANZIBAR | Session#2”