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Theo Parrish (Slices DVD Feature)


“Im not comfortable with convenience replacing artistry…”
Theo Parrish Feature. Taken from Slices Issue 1-12.
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Unique74* In The Lab w/ D-FELIC (Netherlands)

We had a chance to catch up with Holland’s beat making music sensation D-FELIC who blessed LA this week with a blazing DJ set at our two events CHOICE Tuesdays & HIGH END STEREO!!! He talks MILES DAVIS, PRINCE and analog vs digital..check it!!

1. What are your favorite instruments? 

I started out playing piano. So everything with black and white keys I like. My favorites are the Fender Rhodes piano and MiniMoog.

2. How did you become a DJ? 

I started out in high school.. Just like to play my records at schoolpartys.

3. Who were your influences? 

4. Who are your favorite artists? 

This kinda questions are so difficult. I go by some name who really got me inspired to start to make my own music.There is a lot. But to name a few; George Clinton, Prince, Leon Ware, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and A Tribe Called Quest. From the new school, Amp Fiddler, Marc de Clive Lowe.

5.If you were stuck on an island, which 5 records would you choose? 

  1. Miles Davis – On the corner
  2. Parliament – Motorbootyaffair
  3. Joe Hisaichi – Princess Mononoke Symphonic Suit3
  4. Leon Ware – Musical Massage
  5. Kings of Convenience – Riot on a empty street
  6. Prince – Black album

6.How is the scene in Holland and what are the most popular sounds? 

Holland is very diverse. There a lot of small scenes. But the soul scene is the smallest. So that’s why I’m happy to get those opportunities overhere in Los Angeles.

7. Are you a musician or a DJ first? 

I’m a musician first who likes to DJ too.

8.How did you get your alias? 

I started DJ’ing as DJ Dunk-A-Felic. Like 4 years ago I shortened it to D-Felic.

10. Analog or Digital? 

I like best of both worlds. I’m recording lots of analog keyboards digitally.

If you listen to my music you will hear the mix between analog and digital.

11. Any plans in the near future, we should look out for?

There is a lot coming up in 2012. I just finished an EP with some vocalists from LA. I’m busy how to get it released. I’m going to write new music for a new album. I’m going to do some more collabo’s and remixes and productions for other artists. And try to do as much gigs as possible. Just keep working hard!

PRESSURE POINT | Dj A-Ski (new beat)

“Pressure Point”


Produced by
Dj A-Ski


Unique74 | the next generation >Aslow One

This is my dear friend, brother and newest member out to get loose with the UNIQUE74 Family!! My man ASLOW ONE! He is absolutely one of the most gracious, genuine and talented cats I have the great honor and pleasure to work with and have on the team!! Check out his blog>


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Jay Dilla Tribute | Jay’s Heritage | B2gpodradio | FRANCE

Check out my peoples in France coming with the beautiful beats! This is a special episode dedicated to the man himself Jay Dilla! Listen and Enjoy.. Biggups to B2G!

Jay Heritage