A Taste of Chicago- Pt 2 | Thursday Nite | LA

Thursday Nite LA…My peoples is at it again..Pt2..These are some truly solid cats throwing a really great party..please support! No frills..I promise u!

Dj A-Ski



04.26.09 5th Street HOUSEQUAKE @ ZANZIBAR | Session#2


ROUND 2! From the creative minds of DMOCARMELBACON comes LA’s newest creative musical Jamfest.. 5th St. Housequake! Sprinkle in some Soul, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and Broken Beats add a dash of LA’s bangin’ new house band, FAULTLINE, and top it off with DJ A-Ski and you have a recipe for some next level sh*t! Every last Sunday we push the musical envelope and introduce to you some amazing live music from some of LA’s dopest artists at one of the premier spots..ZANZIBAR! – 1301 5th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

We have assembled a collective of creative spirits to come together to create a fresh new energy not seen in LA. Featuring special surprise guests and musicians as part of the HOUSEQUAKE. New talent, too, are encouraged to come join us on stage during the open mic sessions happening at every event!

This week’s Musical guests are LA’s own Rhett Frazier Inc. and Chase Allen… bringin’ the heat with that brand of FUNK that just puts that *ss in motion! Not to be missed…don’t be sleepin’!

Chase Allen… Chase Allen’s music is R&B and soul with the energy and catchiness of Maroon 5. The tunes are definitely radio-ready, although some, like “Who the,” where Allen asks, “Who the F- do you think you are?,” may not exactly be radio-friendly. Be that as it may, the songs are so strong and the melodies so memorable, especially “Lying Awake,” you’ll have no choice but to sing and dance to this funky white boy’s beats.

Rhett Frazer inc….The Rhett Frazer inc band grew up alongside an unusually broad range of influences including: Rock, Soul, Funk, Pop, Hip Hop, traditional Swing, Hard Bop, and Blues. They are bringin’ the kind of heat that has enabled them to perform, tour and record with some of the best in Music…

We also are having our OPEN MIC SESSION (sign up at 9pm) —singers, mcs, instrumentalists, dancers welcome! Doors 9pm — Only $5!!! Can’t be beat..!

Support the artistry..support the genre bending music MOVEMENT…for more info please email us at: 5thstreethousequake@gmail.com..be there every last sunday of the month!



Peep the my latest review on the BSTC album at Nu Soul Magazine!
bstc-12 http://blog.nu-soulmag.com/?p=1076
<a href=”http://blog.nu-soulmag.com/?p=1076″>

03|15|09: Its SLY’s Birthday Party! Pt3!

The wait is over. The details revealed…

SLY STONE wants to celebrate his birthday with you. Yes you! And he wants you to come dressed in the appropriate attire: 60S/70S THEME…requested, but not required.

In return, you will be part of an amazing edition of THE SLY STONE VARIETY SHOW…truly a family affair
with live performances by Sly, BabyStone and as always, special surprise guests (George Clinton funked it last time)

Plus your favorite DJs: JEREMY SOLE (KCRW, Afro Funke), A-SKI (Unique 74), and ANTHONY VALADEZ (KCRW)

And lots of other goodies and surprises.
(every birthday has a cake and party favors, right?!)
This may be the last of the infamous Sly Stone Variety Show for a while and it’s his birthday to BOOT! Who else can say they went to Sly Stone’s birthday party???…so you don’t want to miss it!

$15 b4 9pm, $20 after
(Sly knows times is hard) templebarconcepts. tickets. musictoday. com

www. slystonevarietyshow. com


Unique 74 feature: Sneaks and Bubblegum | Dj Lotuspetal | 80’s mix

I’ve been cranking this mix all week in my ipod, the lovely Lotuspetal blesses us in this week’s feature. Turn this up during your powerwalks.



Fresh Kicks: Dj Center “Tout Passe” (Free Download | Limited Time Only)

This is a cat that i’ve have had the pleasure of collaborating with on numerous occassions and is one of of the most fiercest Dj’s i’ve heard on the decks who never ceases to surprise me as an artist. Dj Center has been putting in work on his latest for quite some time and is ready to share with the masses. You are in for a treat, please enjoy the latest.

Peace, Love and Music,
Unique 74


Log onto:

To download the latest tune from Everything In Time, featuring the lovely stylings of Ms. Samia Farah.

All for free for right now, tell a friend!

“Tout Passe”
Produced and Arranged by Dj Center
Vocals: Samia Farah
Bass: B. Satz
Guitara: Lucas Trigueiro de Carvalho
Keyboards: Victor Axelrod
Additional Shakers/Tambourines: James “Bonzai” Caruso