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Fashion: Unique74 Unlimited + new tees!!

Hey Everybody!! We’re proud to introduce my new line of tees and merchandise at our new online store !! For every shirt or sweater purchased, make sure you include a selfie wearing it and you will receive a digi unreleased mixtape or a copy of my full length debut “CHANGE THE MOOD”. #Unique74Image

Listen: SOUL CIRCLE RADIO wsg A-SKI 3/8 DJ Set + Interview

Yo! For those who missed last week’s episode..going IN! Check it out!! Plus you will also hear the debut of my upcoming single “Moon Chase”!! Much Love to the SOUL CIRCE RADIO family!! Check them out every Saturday 12-2 #SoulCircleRadio #Unique74


Biggups to the fam @deejaymza @larrygfunk @soulcircleradio at #ArtFormStudio

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Ski Paradigm Piece-2

Hey Everybody! This is my follow up to “CHANGE THE MOOD” appetizer before the next three major releases on my Unique74 imprint. If you would like a copy, download my Unique74 Mobile Application

 (FREE of charge). This is the first of many BEAT installments on my imprint to come.

Dj A-SKI / Unique74 Android App

Hey everybody!! Subscribe to our brand new Unique74/Dj A-Ski app which is compatible with Android/iPhone/iPad etc Stay in the loop with the latest projects, updates and events!! in Action


The time has come..A lot of blood, sweat & years has been invested into this project. To the beautiful people who assisted me with your time, talent & support..I SALUTE YOU. You know who you are…too much champagne to share and names to mention. It could NOT have happen without your support. Special Shout & Appreciation to my brothers who kept me motivated and inspired during the process *  Uncle Keg (Johnson) , Uncle James (Gadson) , Garth Trinidad,  Big Otis (CHI) , Ahmed Sirour, Peter Woods, Dj Center, Da’shon Is, Rich Medina, DJ Spinna, Jeffery Connor, Emile Poree,  Fuse Green,  Qool Marv, T Bird, Caktuz Tree, Coleman, Sake One, Aslow One (Asato Aiida) & SARKUS Crew (Japan), Dorian Missick (aka Tailwind Turner), T.I.M., Mark Quest and RAS G just to name a few.  I Thank You for your support & encouragement. Especially to the DJ’s and Tastemakers who were already breaking a lot of the cuts before its official release!! I Salute and Appreciate YOU!!! With all the great music there is out took the time and listened to my contribution and that truly means a lot. Unique74 is proud to present…“CHANGE THE MOOD” … now officially available to the world on iTunes and upcoming digital outlets. I hope it is to your pleasing…Enjoy!


Production/Mix* A-SKI 



Mastering* ASATO AIIDA 



Art Direction* creator da’shon is. 



Photography* WhitakerWhitakerHistoricPhotography 


A Supreme THANK YOU to The Most High.



Check out my new Voice Over Page!

Hangin’ out at BLAZING FUNK | LA

ImageClassic times at #BlazingFunk last Friday!! Hanging out with Big Bro Rich Medina (with his A-Ski Tee “Ready To Fly” edition! Which you can purchase now at & the legendary @smokinvinyl !!! Had a blast running into everybody!! #BlazingFunk #Unique74

DJ Moonbaby’s “Unrestricted” radio show pays tribute to Marvin Gaye

Originally posted on ROOT NOTE MUSIC:


This April is the 30th anniversary of Marvin Gaye’s tragic passing and my girl DJ Moonbaby (my musical soulmate for many years as evidenced by this, this, and this blog post) will be doing a special tribute this coming Thursday, April 10th, on her radio show  “Unrestricted” on which airs on Thursdays 8-10 p.m. PST, and can be accessed via the internet or via the TuneIn, iHeartRadio, or iTunes apps (search Accelerated radio). Moonbaby will be interviewing both Zeola Gaye about her new book “My Brother Marvin” and producer Amerigo Gazaway on his Yasiin Gaye project (with Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def). Moonbaby will be playing some tracks from the Yasiin Gaye project, and some classic Marvin and Marvin-esque tracks:

Here is one of DJ Moonbaby’s choices for one of the best National Anthem performances out there by Marvin Gaye at the All-Star Basketball game in…

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Early Arrival Suggested!! TONIGHT!! (I will be spinning tunes & co hosting!!!)



Palm trees & Sunlight. What a life. #LA

Photography: A Ski 



“Don’t pay attention to who walked away..let them stay away. Look at who walked in and who is still there. Process of elimination has a wicked sense of humor. Stay grounded on your dream.”

- A Ski


Happy Birthday BOBBY WOMACK!!!

One of my musical heroes who played a huge role in my musical pallet. His sound has influenced Rock, Funk, Pop, Soul and even Country. His high level of musicianship has yet to be duplicated. Happy Birthday Mr Robert Dwayne Womack aka BOBBY WOMACK!!!Image


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